Lights, Camera, Action 2012

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3 Years and counting. The years of service by Alpha Phi Omega Hollywood becomes a routinary evolution.

They get their funds from the constant gimmicks and raffles. From Casino Turn Arounds, Poker Game tournaments, and brotherly donations. They make sure to keep a clear mind during meetings.

They have surpassed the nightmares of organizing what type of service should be given to the people in need. It is no longer a question of how they should prepare their services. It is more likely a question of who are the people who deserve their help.

When the Filipino people cried for help about the lack of medicine in their cities, there was little sweat of packing boxes and there was little sacrifice of time when the brothers who prepared the boxes know that it was already past their bed time. There was lots of love. 

When children from the Philippine provinces, who have toiled their way through the mountains just for education, neededed books and tuition to finish their education - Alpha Phi Omega Hollywood promised to support the students until they graduate.

When the economy was down in United States of America and there was more homeless people because of lack of jobs, and there was no way to feed their families, Alpha Phi Omega Hollywood fed them.

The tragic in Ondoy and Cagayan de Oro gave a lot of Alpha Phi Omega Hollywood members some decreasing hopes, they sympathized for their families. And tried to give the best support that they can give.

They have encouraged sports giving Marathoners some cheer and smile, or a cup of water for their thirst. The Marathoners were glad. They were energized.

Thinking about how another year will be offerred for service. Alpha Phi Omega Hollywood will come into action another year, another more experience, another more success, another more hardships, and another more happiness... Because we are Alpha Phi Omega.

Independence Day - July 2009

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It has been a custom for Filipinos to celebrate Independence with the United States of America during July 4. This Independence Day, Alpha Phi Omega Hollywood Alumni Association has decided to help out fellow Filipinos in giving service by serving food and helping out in their recreation.

At the Independence Day event, held in West Covina, everybody was happy eating lechon, dinuguan, bananas, and other native food the Filipino people love to eat. Everybody was patiently waiting in line to have their turn in the feast. Native songs played by guitar strings played a merry tune. And of course, there is nothing like an ube ice cream and halo-halo for a desert.
The merriest Filipinos were found all around. They have a lot of glimmer in their eyes as they watch together the performance of some of the kids performing a native Filipino dance called the "tinikling". Performers brushed their feet with the bakya, and people were clapping as they watched in happiness.

Men were wearing their barong tagalog, and women were wearing Filipina dresses. There is nothing like a day of Independence celebrated in America with fellow Filipinos. This event and on the next will always blossom as Filipinos never cease to remember their culture in this event. This and more is all it is to celebrate independence.

APO Hollywood Website

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We have a new website. the link is You could check it out.

Camping with APO San Diego and APO South Bay

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Date:Friday July 24, 2009
Reminder:There are reminders set for 1 day and 2 days before this event.
Location:Lake Balboa
Street:Lake Balboa
City/State/Zip:Los Angeles/CA

According to Bro. Tony Rivera: 
Based on my recollection, here is the list (spreadsheet) of those who signified intention to join. If there is a mistake, please let me know because I want to get an accurate count. APO-San Diego, the host AA, will prepare food/drinks/ etc. based on the number of attendees. To those who were not in the meeting, please let me know if you want to join.

Alpha Phi Omega Hollywood Alumni donates to PGH, Lucena

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IN keeping with their mission statement of leadership, friendship, and service, the Alpha Phi Omega Hollywood Alumni Association or APO-HA for short—a newly formed fraternal organization now 80 members strong—is seeing their charity work come full circle.  The alumni association prides itself in having donated medical and surgical equipment to several places in the Philippines... Read more

Member Information Update

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Please update your information in the Members page. Thank you. And, please keep on using this Announcement page if there are any announcements.

Mandatory Meeting

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There will be a mandatory meeting on March 15,2009 Sunday, 5pm at Bro President Jun Bangan residence. Pls advice all other APO-HA members who cannot access to our e-group. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Pls bring any finger foods or snacks at your own convinience. (Dont bring fingers only) hehehe.
Address: 9639 Paso Robles Ave, Northridge Ca 91325
Attendance is a must. TY
Bro Jonathan (Kabayan) Fedelicio
aka: Nicholas Hawla

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