Rules and Regulations




Section 1.01 General. APO HOLLYWOOD Alumni® (APO-Ha®) shall establish qualifications for membership and registration. It shall evaluate candidates for registration using the qualifications that it establishes, and shall duly certify and register individuals meeting these qualifications.

Section 1.02 Registration. The individual is registered with APO-Ha® as a person having met the requirement for registration as prescribed in the APO-Ha Rules & Regulations. Notwithstanding a candidate being awarded registration may be revoked as described in Section 5.02 of these Rules and Regulations.

Article II.


Section 2.01 General. A candidate for membership must meet the ethics requirements as described in these Rules & Regulations and must agree to comply with these rules prescribed and the APO-Ha® Standards of Ethics.

The Commission on Membership and the Advisory Committee shall have the right to reject the application of any candidate if CoMe and Advisory Committee determines, in its sole and absolute discretion, that the person does not meet the qualifications for membership.

Section 2.02 Ethics Requirement for Registrant. A registrant must be a person of good moral character and must not have engaged in conduct that is inconsistent with the APO-Ha® Standards of Ethics or the Rules and Regulations and must have complied and agree to continue to comply with the said rules and regulations.

Article III.


Section 3.01 Application for Membership. Applications shall be filed with the APO-Hollywood Alumni on forms provided by the alumni, together with a fee in such sum as the Board of Directors may fix. Applications may be investigated by the CoMe and the Advisory Committee to determine moral character and other qualifications of the candidate. Investigations may include criminal background checks through an examination of public records.

Section 3.02 Agreement of Membership. All applicants shall agree that the information given in this application is true, correct and complete; any photographs enclosed are recent photographs of me and have read and accept the terms and conditions set forth in the APO-Ha® Rules and Regulations.

Furthermore, all applicants agree that any misrepresentation in this application, any irregular behavior will constitute grounds for APO-HA® to bar permanently, revoke or suspend, censure or take any appropriate action and that the APO-Ha® CoMe and Advisory Committee’s decision on any such matter is final.

Article IV.


Section 4.01 Renewal of Membership shall be annually as prescribed by APO-Ha® Rules & Regulations on fee(s) set forth by the Board of Directors.

Section 4.02 Change of Address. All registered members shall promptly notify APO-Ha® of any change in the mailing address of such registrant from that contained in the records of APO-Ha®. The change must be submitted in writing, or electronically through the APO-Ha® e-groups or by telephone.

Article V.


Section 5.01 General. The CoMe and the Advisory Committee in accordance with APO-Ha® Rules and Regulations may reject or deny an applicant, refuse the renewal of membership, of any individual who does not meet or who does not continue to meet the qualifications for registration set forth in the APO-Ha® Rules & Regulations. The Board of Directors shall also have the right to censure or suspend registrants for such a period of time as it deems appropriate.

Section 5.02 Revocations or Suspension or Registration; Censure of Registrant. The CoMe, the Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors may revoke or suspend or a registrant’s registration with APO-Ha®, or may censure a registrant, if it determines that the registrant:

  1. is not, or has ceased to be a person of good moral character; or

  2. has been guilty of, or advocated, directly or indirectly, unethical practices according to standards prescribed by the Board of Directors.

  3. shall have violated or refused to comply with any of the terms of the Agreement signed at the time of application for membership, renewal of membership or any of the APO-Ha® Rules and Regulations.

  4. Shall in any other manner cease to meet the qualifications for membership specified in the APO-Ha® Rules & Regulations.